The Cost of Electronic Traps for Rodents

Naturally, these electronic traps will cost more than traditional mechanical traps. The price for a standard one-mouse kill trap would be from $20 to $30 while larger multi-kill traps can range from $80 to $100. However, you should not only look at the price tag but consider the value you are getting for the money in that these operate cleanly and can be used numerous times. Of course, if you decide to build electronic traps yourself, you will probably save half the cost of a single-kill mouse trap that you would purchase.

Rodents can do extensive and expensive damage to a home which can be costly. For example, a rat can chew through electrical cords and disable appliances which would mean repair costs to restore them. They carry diseases that can be costly in terms of medical expenses. Rodents can be very costly for your household pets as well. For example, some dogs like to put mice in their mouths and swallow them. Let’s say that the homeowner used some rat poison to rid the house of rodents. Rat poison does not always work on the first try so it is quite possible that a mouse can walk around before the poison takes effect. If a dog swallows this mouse, the poison just went into its system and many pet owners are hit with high veterinary expenses trying to save their dogs from the effects of the poison. Thus, you can see where this clean solution of electronic traps for rodents actually saves you a lot of money.

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