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Electronic Rodent Traps Make Ridding of Pests Easy and Efficient

Rats and mice have traditionally been household pests throughout the centuries. People have used poison and mechanical traps to catch these critters. Sometimes, they are successful and sometimes not. In fact, these creatures oftentimes know how to avoid getting caught in the claws of a spring loaded trap. Today, electronic traps for killing rodents are becoming extremely popular. Their concept is simple but very efficient.

 How Electronic Traps for Rodents Work

A typical electronic rodent trap is of box design with an access doorway, a tunnel that follows an angular path, metal contact plates, and an indicator light. The traps typically are powered by 4 flashlight batteries with a high-voltage pulse capacitor to generate enough charge to kill the rodent. Food is placed on the metal contact plates. There is a sensor switch to detect the presence of the animal when it enters the box. Activating that sensor switch sends the charge which kills the rodent and the indicator light signals that a kill has been made. Even though these are pests, they usually die instantly thus making the whole process fairly humane.

The Advantages of Electronic Traps

Electronic traps for rodents have several advantages. For starters, they have a higher degree of safety and cleanliness. They are safe because their design does not allow children to stick their fingers into the area with the charged plates. They are ecologically friendly because no toxic chemicals are used and the rodent carcass is stored inside the unit until disposal. There is no risk of animals coming along and dragging them into other areas of the house where disease can be spread.

Design Variations of Electronic Traps

The most common trap you will see is the one that can kill one mouse per event. There are also multiple kill traps available for those with a serious rodent problem. The design concept is fairly simple and some build these traps themselves.

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